Who Is This Certification For?

Build a career as a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and enjoy the rewards that come from preparing parents for joyful, empowering birth.

Who is this certification for?


  • nurses
  • physicians
  • midwives
  • doulas
  • yoga instructors
  • chiropractors
  • hypnotherapists
  • and anyone else with a strong interest in creating better birthing

What will you get?

You will receive a complete training from the HypnoBirthing Institute’s experienced Faculty trainers. These trainings have always been face to face,  but during the COVID the trainings are available online (Zoom).

If you have no experience with pregnancy or birth or hypnotherapy it’s not a problem. You can be assured that after our intensive training you will be a competent and confident teacher of the program.

This program has three modules.

  • Module 1 is the Birthing Basics – Anatomy and Physiology of Birth as a Home Study.
  • Module 2 is Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing.
  • Module 3 is the HypnoBirthing ® Certification.

During the training you will receive:

  • Workbooks for each module
  • The HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan
  • Rainbow Relaxation recording
  • Videos of HypnoBirthing births
  • Class presentations and resources
  • Access to the online resource system of parent handouts, forms, marketing materials,  etc.
  • Marketing basics and how to build a successful practice and much more …


  • First year’s membership with certification training.  After the year is completed the membership costs 100$ US yearly.
  • Listing on the HypnoBirthing International website
  • Facebook where you get support from other HypnoBirthing Educators


After you finished the training, you will need to do a Review/exam  for each module and also teach one couple the 5 sessions of the HypnoBirthing program.

  • You will be granted Certification after completion of the official 32 hour HB CB  Educator training taught by an authorized Faculty member.
  • Submit a successfully completed set of Certification Reviews.
  • Signing the Educator’s agreement to abide by the code of ethics and Standards.

Also, teaching the program to one couple.

Note:  Attending the training does not equate automatic certification.

  • Only currently certified Educators may teach HB CB Education. You may not teach with an Educator that is not certified.
  • The course that you will teach parents must be taught in its entirety, clearly identified as HB International –the Mongan method in all materials.