About HypnoBirthing® Classes

In the Prenatal HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn:

During this course, you will learn :

  • Release your deep rooted fears (especially about birth)
  • Deep relaxation techniques (self-hypnosi
  • How your partner can become an integral part of this wonderful life changing experience and support you lovingly
  • Your birth can be a wonderful, calm sereine, joyful experience

Cost of the entire 5 weeks course is $495 CAD (taxes included)

Child Birth Education Class Outline

Setting the Stage

Dehypnotizing & Building a Positive  Expectancy
Introduction & Philosophy
History of Women & Birthing
Pioneers in Natural Birthing
How the Uterus Works Normally
Emergency Room/Healing Room
Why Labor Hurts / Why it doesn’t have to hurt
Autonomic Nervous System-Fear-Tension-Pain-Syndrome
Hypnosis & Deep Relaxation

Falling in Love with Your Baby- prebirth Parenting - Preparing Your Mind and Body

Birth Videos
Prebirth, Perinatal, and Postnatal Bonding
Background of prebirth Bonding Studies
Suggestions for prebirth Bonding
Prenatal Bonding
Preparing your Mind and Body for Birthing Success
Five Basic HypnoBirthing Techniques
Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation
Preparing Your Body for Healthy Birthing
Body Toning Exercises
Perineal Massage

Advanced Visualization & Deepening

Birth Videos
Labor and Birthing Visualizations
Practice Scripts for Deepening  Relaxation
Birth Preferences
Hospital Tour, Registration
Breech Presentation
Looking at Your Guess Date (Due Date)
Special Circumstances
Avoiding Artificial Induction
Using Natural Means to Initiate Labor
Child Birth-A Labor of Love Prelude to Labor
Your Body and Your Baby-Working  with You and For You
Releasing Emotions, Fears and Limiting Thoughts

Overview and Summary of Childbirth

Birth Videos
Pre-labor Tricksters
Thinning and Opening Phase
Arriving at the Hospital
Birth Companion’s Role
Partner’s Affirmations for Birth
Birth Simply Explained
As Labor Moves Along
If Labor Slows or Rests
Misconceptions about Labor
Hallmarks of Labor—what is Happening as Labor Advances
Birth Rehearsal Imagery

Birthing—the Final Act and Bonding

Mother Nears Completion—thinning and opening phase ends
Optimal Positioning for Baby During Labor and Birth
Positions for Descent & Birthing
Repositioning Baby
Birthing Phase—Descent
Birth’s Perfect Design—the Final Act
First Breastfeeding—Self-Attachment
Baby’s First Hour

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