Birth Stories

Natural child birth stories from HypnoBirthing experiences

  • One of the most important things I learnt from the HypnoBirthing class experience was an adjustment in perspective. Instead of seeing the birth of my baby as something to fear or dread, I am concentrating on the joy of meeting him for the first time on that day.

    I also feel more confident in my body’s ability to go through the birthing process with minimal intervention or medication. Finally, the classes were a nice experience to share with my birthing companion, I felt his love and support and that he was really there for me at this very exciting time in our lives.

    I plan to share the book with a friend who is really petrified of giving birth, I think the techniques taught could really be of use to her.

    The class was enjoyable; the relaxation exercises were very calming. The people we met were all very nice and the teacher informative and kind.

    Thank you!


    This class gave us the necessary tools to be confident in ourselves and to be prepared as a couple for this special moment in our lives. HypnoBirthing also allowed us to strengthen our bond as a couple, knowing that we are going together, hand in hand, on the same road that will bring us joy in receiving our baby when he’s born. It also gave us the knowledge that there are alternative techniques to medicine and drugs in order to help in having a safe, natural and painless birth; it filled us with excitement for this life-changing moment!

    As mother-to-be, I feel more confident in my natural abilities to birth my baby. I feel that I have Christian’s support for when the magical moment will happen and that his love and support will help me in having a smooth and easy birth.

    As a father, I feel that now I have the necessary knowledge to be an active participant in the birth of my son. I know that I can help my wife to go over any obstacles she might face and this class also gave me some good techniques of releasing my stress. I believe I can use the tools learned in this class to be a better husband, a better father and a better person!

    Thank you!


    I feel empowered, ready and thrilled about bringing my baby to this world. Love the fact that Ray and I had the chance to experience this together. It has helped us to get ready not only for one of the happiest days of our lives but also for being parents and to know that everything will be OK. This baby chose us for one reason so that already makes us the perfect parents.  P.S. No fear whatsoever only excitement and a peaceful feeling that everything will be perfect.


    These classes/courses reaffirmed my instincts that scream out loud that we are natural and natural-energy centered path is what we choose to welcome our baby in the way he deserves, with lots of love, joy and ecstasy,

    Thank you!


    I now feel more confident about our birth. I know that what I knew I could accomplish all along is now a reality and my motherly instincts to birth naturally and without pain will be fulfilled.

    Thank you so very much Ilona!


    Eye opening, giving power, strength and confidence for situation or event that was made to seem scary. Remember that it is all natural so natural that you really don’t need any intervention. Bringing birth back to the parents and their baby.


    This class, combined with our meetings with our doula, helped me to have a better understanding of the whole process of the Birthing experience.

    It also gave us many tools to help us to be better prepared, more relaxed before beginning this still unknown experience, that can look stressful from all the stories we heard before.

    I really appreciated practicing the hypnosis techniques (even if I still feel we need to keep practicing) and how as a birth companion, I can be supportive and helpful.

    I liked going through the birth plan, and different birth stages to help us choose our own preferences regarding the birth and not to be influenced by the medical staff.

    Thank you!


    Taking an active role in the decisions surrounding my baby’s birth makes me feel more empowered.

    My wife is amazing even if she can be pushy!

    Birth doesn’t need to be a painful experience.

    Different breathing techniques can have completely different effects on the body.

    Taking the time to relax and meditate makes me feel more energized.

    Talking about our fears about childbirth and parenting made us closer and more open.


    I learned the wisdom of deep relaxation. I spend more time in contemplation and just relaxing then I did before. I realize the utility of this now.

    I have reaffirmed my enjoyment of deep relaxation. I have always liked meditation.

    I have learned a lot about the role of the birth partner, very interesting.

    I have learned more about our physiology. I am motivated to learn more about how the uterus contracts/ surges with the two layers of muscles working together.

    I like the light touch massage technique I practice this with /on my baby. I like to think that she is getting used to me soothing her.

    Unlike my partner, I really enjoy the music 🙂

    Thank you!


    I think the most important aspect for me was to bring us together, to be able to make time to consider our options instead of it always being just me who is thinking about it. Giving power to the father to know that he is essential to the process – now already – has been important for us. The fact of attending the course and seeing and hearing (and not only me quoting books) was important for Gustavo (in my opinion).

    Also the other day I was astounded during a meditation in yoga class – I was able to visualize connecting with the baby better than ever before, and I am sure it is because of our HypnoBirthing practice. In the past, my mind was always susceptible to wandering and for the first time in years I felt solidly, calmly, undistractedly in my meditation.

    Thank you!



  • I feel confident of my body and my body’s ability to birth. I didn’t have that with my first pregnancy. I feel lighter, emptied of the heaviness of fear, and so grateful to have learned how to relax and let go, physically and mentally. Something inside of me has been awakened and it will, I’m sure, serve me and my family well in this upcoming birth and beyond.  Thank you!!!

  • I feel confident of my body and of my body’s ability to birth. I didn’t have that with my first pregnancy.

    I feel lighter, emptied of the heaviness of fear, and so grateful to have learned how to relax and let go, physically and mentally. Something inside of me has been awakened and it will, I’m sure, serve me and my family well in this upcoming birth and beyond. Thank you!!!

  • I am taking from this course a very positive mind set that I can experience the birth that I want to experience.

    Birthing can be done with no interventions.

    Relaxed mind is a powerful thing!

    Pain is only from past perception of labor!

    The body is designed to birth comfortably!

    Being relaxed is important when birthing

    You don’t have to be afraid to give birth!

  • I have learnt much from the classes, most importantly, focus on the important task at hand. I have learnt to trust that Justin will be a fantastic “bouncer” and so I really have nothing to worry about.

    1. A way to relax and destress
    2. Reduce the stress related to birth
    3. Confidence in the natural birth process and the women’s body
    4. Grounding with myself
    5. Excitement for our baby to arrive
    6. Better connection in our couple
    7. Confidence in the process and the participation of others
    8. Loss of a lot of fears
    9. Realization of the need to look after myself properly for a strong baby