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    Canada’s C-section rate at record high

    Canada’s pregnancy specialists are calling on doctors to curb the fast-growing use of caesarean sections to deliver babies, saying the worrisome trend is exposing mothers and infants to more risk, not less…

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    Kate unleashes a wave of HypnoBirthing® women in Australia

    Following news that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton used HypnoBirthing for her natural birth and hypnosis early in her pregnancy for morning sickness, a new wave of women are becoming interested in this natural approach to childbirth.

    The use of hypnosis for birth has been employed prior to the 19th century, with early attempts at hypno-suggestive labour pain relief made back in the 1880s while but its popularity didn’t begin to become more known until the 1940’s by obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read…

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    HEALTHY LIVING: How hypnosis gives your baby a relaxed start to life

    Mums-to-be who are feeling apprehensive about labour are learning to take control of the situation and enjoy a more stress free birth with the help of a course combining hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques.

    BETH Roche knows she was slightly irrational the first time she became pregnant and started thinking about the birth and what that day would hold…

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