Ilona Fritsch

Once again, I am humbled today by this beautiful work we have been blessed to
14 years ago, a young religious woman was referred to me by her OB. She was
so afraid. As we talked about birth, she was physically trembling from fear. She
and her husband attended my HypnoBirthing class. I got to be her doula. She
totally turned it around and birthed in calm, comfort & with such grace. She was
changed forever. She was no longer the terrified, timid girl. She was a strong and
powerful woman. She went on to have baby #2-birthed in triage with hardly a
sound…#3 a vaginal breech! #4, 5 & 6 didn’t need me 🙂 and then #7. She
contacted me because #7 was breech. A different Dr. was recommending c-
section. At 36 weeks she came in for a consult. I demonstrated the spinning
babies techniques and balanced her pelvis with the Webster Technique.
After two sessions baby was head down! A few days later she called to ask if I could
be her doula. She said she was feeling fear and wanted to enjoy her birth so I
agreed. Today I got the call- ‘Vivian, are you home? the baby is almost here and
I’m not sure what to do?’ ‘Call 911 and I’m coming!’ She lived in my neighbourhood
so I ran out the door. I arrived 4 minutes later to find the baby on her chest! Dad
was able to receive with the guidance of the 911 operator.
My heart is bursting with joy. To have had the honor of witnessing the birth of this
woman and her beautiful family is something that I am so grateful for.
Remembering her small meager apartment 14 years ago and getting to see her
today, in a beautiful home, surrounded by her beautiful children, holding her
sweet baby on her chest with her husband just beaming with pride.
Nothing could be sweeter. Life is good.