thank you

thank you
Ilona Fritsch

I now understand we are far more powerful and resourceful than we allow ourselves to believe. I do
believe we will have a wonderful birth experience. I do believe in power of the subconscious to guide our
baby into this world with joy and love. We thank you for your belief in us and for your belief in the power
within each one of us. Thank you!


One of the most important things I learnt from the HypnoBirthing class experience was an adjustment in
perspective. Instead of seeing the birth of my baby as something to fear or dread, I am concentrating on
the joy of meeting him for the first time on that day.
I also feel more confident in my body’s ability to go through the birthing process with minimal intervention
or medication. Finally, the classes were a nice experience to share with my birthing companion, I felt his
love and support and that he was really there for me at this very exciting time in our lives.
I plan to share the book with a friend who is really petrified of giving birth, I think the techniques taught
could really be of use to her.
The class was enjoyable; the relaxation exercises were very calming. The people we met were all very nice
and the teacher informative and kind.
Thank you!