Ilona Fritsch

Hi everybody,
My name is Nicole, I am a new practitioner in Ontario Canada. I couldn’t resist not replying to this story with my son’s birth story.
I started having surges exactly 8 minutes apart Sunday night June 28th, 2009. There was no change until Tuesday evening (June 30th) when my surges became irregular and I started having back labor ( Alex turned). Wednesday morning (July 1st ) at 11.30 I was, to everybody’s surprise 5 cm opened. I had visualized the birth during the pregnancy and I had 4 (hours) as my target for birth. I really wanted to have my baby on July 1st (Canada day) so during the pregnancy I told Alex that we are ready to welcome him whenever he feels ready but that if we were to pick a date we would like him to come on July 1st. At 4.25 pm on July 1st my membranes released. I got into the birth pool and 40 minutes after my husband and I received Alex. He was 8.9 pounds and I had an intact perineum. The midwife came when Alex was already crowning. It wasn’t 4 hours but the actual birth was 40 minutes. My husband was so confident that we would have the baby on July 1st that he went and bought a cake the day before knowing that all the grocery stores are closed on July 1st!! Alex had respected our wish and he did everything he had to do (including turn) so that the birth would happen then! Talking about the power of the mind! HB changed my life, I discovered a side of me I never knew I had. I had to do something after birth so with the advice of my HB instructor I decided to teach it so here I am.
All the best,