Megan & Matthew

Megan & Matthew
Ilona Fritsch

Hi Ilona,

Matt and I just wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for guiding us through our Hypnobirthing classes!

I knew when I initially read Marie’s book that this was a method I wanted to learn more about and definitely implement it into my birth experience; with Covid however, I was unsure about how we would find a suitable coach to guide us through the classes. Zoom and other media platforms have made this time more manageable for many but I was unsure what our experience would be like in a virtual setting.

We want you to know that you surpassed any expectation we had going into this course! We looked forward to every session we had with you and are sad that they have come to an end already! Your genuine desire for us to have the birth experience of our dreams was evident every time we spoke, especially during our last meeting yesterday (we were both very emotional and were having a hard time speaking, which is also why we wanted to send you this email).

Thank you for your knowledge and expertise; as well as, your kindness and attention to detail. Your classes were truly a beautiful experience for the both of us, not only do we feel more prepared for our baby’s birthing day but we also feel more connected to each other!

Thank you for making these classes such a priority in your life, we feel like meeting you was truly fate and the world is a better place because of what you do and what you provide to others!

We wish you all the best in the future and we will definitely send you a picture of us with our baby once they arrive!

Megan & Matthew