Ilona Fritsch

My husband and I were looking for natural methods that would help us through labour and
delivery in order to make it a positive and memorable experience as I was interested in a natural
water birth with a midwife.
I found HypnoBirthing with Ilona really worked for us and would highly recommend it. It’s more
than breathing as it teaches mind over body and different breathing for different parts of labour
as well as ways to relax during pregnancy and postpartum and most of all adjusts your whole
thinking in labour and delivery in order for it to be a fearless and confident experience.
A midwife and HypnoBirthing was the perfect combo for us and really helped my husband and I
get prepared and work as a team during the whole experience. HypnoBirthing also teaches
relaxation methods and visualization and positive thinking which helped with my fears of the
whole process and to be more ready for it all by explaining what exactly happens and why and
all the options that no one else really discusses with you.
Ilona who teaches the class is also very passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to what she
does and to helping you successfully and so if you put in the time and practice techniques as she
suggests you will get a lot out of it.
I can’t thank Ilona enough for helping me through my fears and concerns as well as building my
confidence and teaching me of the strength we each have within.