Eye opening

Eye opening
Ilona Fritsch

Eye opening, giving power, strength and confidence for situation or event that was made to seem
scary. Remember that it is all natural so natural that you really don’t need any intervention.
Bringing birth back to the parents and their baby.


I learned the wisdom of deep relaxation. I spend more time in contemplation and just relaxing then
I did before. I realize the utility of this now.
I have reaffirmed my enjoyment of deep relaxation. I have always liked meditation.
I have learned a lot about the role of the birth partner, very interesting.
I have learned more about our physiology. I am motivated to learn more about how the uterus
contracts/ surges with the two layers of muscles working together.
I like the light touch massage technique I practice this with /on my baby. I like to think that she is
getting used to me soothing her.
Unlike my partner, I really enjoy the music 🙂
Thank you!