This class gave us the necessary tools

This class gave us the necessary tools
Ilona Fritsch

This class gave us the necessary tools to be confident in ourselves and to be prepared as a couple
for this special moment in our lives. HypnoBirthing also allowed us to strengthen our bond as a
couple, knowing that we are going together, hand in hand, on the same road that will bring us joy
in receiving our baby when he’s born. It also gave us the knowledge that there are alternative
techniques to medicine and drugs in order to help in having a safe, natural and painless birth; it
filled us with excitement for this life-changing moment!
As mother-to-be, I feel more confident in my natural abilities to birth my baby. I feel that I have
Christian’s support for when the magical moment will happen and that his love and support will
help me in having a smooth and easy birth.
As a father, I feel that now I have the necessary knowledge to be an active participant in the birth
of my son. I know that I can help my wife to go over any obstacles she might face and this class
also gave me some good techniques of releasing my stress. I believe I can use the tools learned in
this class to be a better husband, a better father and a better person!
Thank you!
These classes/courses reaffirmed my instincts that scream out loud that we are natural and natural-
energy centered path is what we choose to welcome our baby in the way he deserves, with lots of
love, joy and ecstasy,
Thank you!
I now feel more confident about our birth. I know that what I knew I could accomplish all along is
now a reality and my motherly instincts to birth naturally and without pain will be fulfilled.
Thank you so very much Ilona!