Ilona Fritsch

If another testimonial will help, here is mine on the subject…..
My midwife said the same thing to me when expecting my first baby, she also
warmed “HypnoBirthing doesn’t always work”.
2 weeks later I was 2 hours into a blissful labour and I quietly announced “the
baby is coming” (I’m not quiet person, so my husband took note). The midwife
said “it will be a little bit longer love, this is your first baby, they take a while”.
With my partner’s encouragement to check, the midwife shined the torch through
the water and exclaimed “oh my, we have a head” and “reach down you can feel
the baby”.
I calmly smiled up, “I know I felt it when I told you”. My baby had crowned and
easily moved through to birth by herself with nothing but my natural expulsive
reflex” and my birth breaths. 4.125kg, not a scratch on me.
Needless to say this midwife has revised her opinion on HypnoBirthing and
mandatory forced/coached pushing……
Since then I have had two more babies, each birth has been a different, yet
comfortable and an empowered experience. My biggest baby so far has been
4.5kg and I know the reason I have not needed stitches is because I have not
tried to purple push. Going within and trusting my baby and my body has been
truly life changing for me.
I’m now expecting my 4th baby.