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Testimonials Grid
  • A different vision of birth and infants (2).

    Another benefit that is not negligible is that the tools that helped us stay calm and focused during birth also help us to maintain that state in the sometimes difficult post birth period. We are very pleased that we have options that we can try when our daughter (who suffers from colic) is uncomfortable. If we can reduce the fear and recognize our innate abilities to bring a child into this world and then parent those children effectively we have gone a long way towards offering our children a very precious gift which is parents who are calm and less stressed. Working with families I see so many people who no longer listen to themselves and don’t trust their instincts. The HypnoBirthing course is one step in the process of reclaiming our power as parents. I sincerely hope that if you are expecting a child and reading this that you will take the next step of picking up the phone and calling to sign up for this course. How you treat yourself during pregnancy and birth will set the tone for your child’s and your family’s entire life. Birth can be a beautiful and peaceful experience and so can being a parent. HypnoBirthing can help you make this vision into a reality.

  • I think the most important aspect for me was to bring us together, to be able to make time to consider our options instead of it always being just me who is thinking about it. Giving power to the father to know that he is essential to the process – now already – has been important for us. The fact of attending the course and seeing and hearing (and not only me quoting books) was important for Gustavo (in my opinion). Also the other day I was astounded during a meditation in yoga class – I was able to visualize connecting with the baby better than ever before, and I am sure it is because of our HypnoBirthing practice. In the past, my mind was always susceptible to wandering and for the first time in years I felt solidly, calmly, undistractedly in my meditation.
    Thank you!

  • Eye opening, giving power, strength and confidence for situation or event that was made to seem
    scary. Remember that it is all natural so natural that you really don’t need any intervention.
    Bringing birth back to the parents and their baby.


    I learned the wisdom of deep relaxation. I spend more time in contemplation and just relaxing then
    I did before. I realize the utility of this now.
    I have reaffirmed my enjoyment of deep relaxation. I have always liked meditation.
    I have learned a lot about the role of the birth partner, very interesting.
    I have learned more about our physiology. I am motivated to learn more about how the uterus
    contracts/ surges with the two layers of muscles working together.
    I like the light touch massage technique I practice this with /on my baby. I like to think that she is
    getting used to me soothing her.
    Unlike my partner, I really enjoy the music 🙂
    Thank you!