About your Teacher

Ilona Fritsch

Since 1997, I’ve had the privilege of helping expectant mothers bring their babies into the world in a stress-free, often pain-free manner.

I believe that when babies enter the world in a calm, caring and loving atmosphere, we’re changing the way the world will work.

The HypnoBirthing® method sets the stage for your baby’s life.

While many expectant parents focus on making sure they have the material things ready (crib, clothes…), I believe it’s much more important that you are emotionally and physically prepared for welcoming your baby into the world and into your life.

About my classes:

As couples move through the HypnoBirthing® classes, I love watching them transition from being anxious, fearful and not knowing what to expect during childbirth, to feeling completely at ease because they understand the natural birth process and have full confidence in the innate wisdom of a woman’s body and their baby’s instincts.

During the prenatal classes, we work on releasing all fears and pre-conceived ideas that childbirth is meant to be painful.

The more knowledgeable you are about how your body works, the more confident and relaxed you’ll be.

I’ll teach you multiple ways to achieve and maintain the optimal state for your baby’s journey through the birth canal, answering any questions and concerns you have as we move through the sessions.

When labour begins, you and your birth partner will be well prepared. You’ll know exactly what to do, including how to rapidly reach a relaxed state because you’ve practiced how to do it.

The HypnoBirthing® method teaches you how to work with your body to allow your baby to work his/her magic at their own pace.

Your body and baby have been working in unison for 9 months. Birth is simply the final stage of this miraculous process.

The classes also help you and your partner create a bond with your baby even prior to birth while also helping you create a stronger family dynamic – one built on trust, understanding and caring, with practical tools you can use over and over whenever stressful events occur.

I would be honoured to help you have a wonderful birth experience and set the stage for your baby’s loving welcome into your growing family. Class schedules can be found here .

Ilona Fritsch

Reiki and EFT Practitioner, HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Practitioner, HypnoBirthing Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, and Health Coach


Ilona became interested in the power of the mind, natural healing, nutrition and health at a young age. Her education includes a Masters degree in hypnosis (1997) and has completed hypno-anesthesia and Health Educator training at Florida Hippocrates Health Institute (1998). She graduated from the Institute for Perinatal Education. She is also a Reiki and EFT Practitioner, HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Practitioner, HypnoBirthing Doula and Infant Massage Instructor.

Her studies and interest lead her to HypnoBirthing. She was certified and trained by Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing® . Ilona is also on the HypnoBirthing® faculty and is actively working with expecting parents as well as training new HypnoBirthing® Practitioners across Canada and in Europe since 2004.

To enhance her practice she also became a Health Coach and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, N.Y in 2014.

Ilona is passionate about empowering parents to create a relaxed, joyous pregnancy, birth and postnatal period and to give babies the best possible start in life. She is dedicated to helping parents and families to create and maintain a healthy balance in their lives through mind and body health.
She regularly updates her knowledge and skills by attending numerous seminars and workshops on a broad range of health issues.

Ilona regularly presents for organizations on various health topics. Book Ilona for a presentation here.

Ilona gives her classes and her trainings on Zoom. 
Classes are offered in both French and English.

Why HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing® offers…

  • mother the best chance to deliver her baby naturally, often without pain or need of c-section
  • father a role as an active supportive participant and advocate, not just a helpless onlooker
  • baby a stress-free delivery, increased oxygen and nourishment to the brain and body
  • the couple a way to strengthen their relationship prior to parenthood, to connect as a team and be well prepared for birth and beyond